Details for cultural term Frankish

The ‘Ascribed culture’ box helps to retrieve records of occasional unusual and significant objects, mainly early-medieval.It is neither complete nor consistent, as it contains terms which have been asked for by various specialists; it is also subject to change.  Choose from:

Anglo-Saxon (for Anglo-Saxon objects of any date; early, middle or late)

Anglo-Scandinavian (for Viking-age objects made or designed in England from Scandinavian prototypes)

Carolingian (for Frankish objects of c. 800-c. 1000 AD; use with caution for ansate brooches, as many if not most may be of English design and manufacture)

Frankish (for earlier Frankish objects; used in preference to Merovingian as the earliest ones may pre-date the Merovingian kings)


Viking (for Viking-age objects of purely Scandinavian design and/or manufacture)

Irish (for objects of early-medieval date of Irish design and/or manufacture)

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