'Nets, Wrecks, and Artefacts' Talk.

Date(s): Thursday 08 February 2018 - Thursday 08 February 2018
Timings: 19:00:00 - 20:30:00
Address: Manor House, Church St, Littlehampton BN17 5EW

Wessex Archaeology's Historic Environment Fisheries Liaison Officer, Alistair Byford-Bates, will be talking at Littlehampton Museum, on 8 February 2018, about the contribution the fishermen of Sussex have made to the Marine Antiquities Scheme (MAS) and finds reported through the Heritage Lottery funded Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries. The Heritage Lottery Fund also generously supported the alterations to the MAS app last year that allowed the identification of finds found through fishing, diving or other activities to be differentiated. Further details on the talk can be found on Littlehampton Museum website.

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