Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
ANTECHOIR Part of a church in front of the choir and usually enclosed by tombs, screens etc. Preferred term 137316 -
ANTECHURCH An addition to the west end of a church which is similar to a porch or narthex but usually consists of a nave and aisles. Preferred term 137317 -
ANTECOURT The first court which is before the principal court. Preferred term 137318 -
Antefix Narrow term - -
ANTEFIX A decorative tile on the end of the cornice or eaves of a building to conceal the ends of tiles. Preferred term 137319 -
ANTEHALL The hall before a great hall. Preferred term 137320 -
ANTENATAL BLOCK An area within a hospital concerned with the care and medical treatment of expectant mothers. Preferred term 91050 -
ANTENNA ARRAY A structure used for the transmission and interception of radio signals. Usually composed of a number of different elements such as aerials, receiving equipment and supporting pylons. Preferred term 100515 -
Antepagmenta Narrow term 137321 -
ANTEPORTICO A porch in front of the solid wall of a cloister. Preferred term 137322 -
ANTEROOM A room before a larger room which is often used as a waiting room. Preferred term 137323 -
Anthaeum Narrow term 91051 -
ANTHEMION A stylised, leafy decorative feature reminiscent of, and sometimes referred to as, honeysuckle Preferred term 137324 -
ANTHRACITE Non bituminous coal Preferred term 83009 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT BATTERY A site containing one or more artillery pieces and/or rocket launchers for firing at enemy aircraft. Preferred term 68825 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT BATTERY COMMAND POST A command post used to direct the guns of an anti aircraft battery. Preferred term 162558 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT DEFENCE SITE Sites, buildings and structures for the control and mounting of anti aircraft artillery. Also, structures for passive or indirect defence against enemy aircraft. Preferred term 94349 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT GUN EMPLACEMENT Gun emplacement for static or mobile light anti aircraft artillery. Preferred term 143269 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT GUN POST A light anti aircraft position, usually open-walled and built of concrete, brick or sandbags used to emplace one or more machine guns mounted on pintels. Preferred term 162559 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT GUN TOWER A purpose-built firing platform on which an anti-aircraft battery could be emplaced. Preferred term 162560 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS ROOM A one or two storey reinforced concrete structure, usually associated with two T shaped radio masts. Term is specific to army anti-aircraft control centres operational between 1950-55. Preferred term 100532 -
Anti Aircraft Rocket Projector Battery Narrow term 143428 -
ANTI AIRCRAFT VESSEL A vessel (often small obsolete cruisers or pleasure steamers) equipped with batteries of anti aircraft guns as its main armament. Preferred term - -
ANTI BOAT LANDING OBSTACLE Obstacles, including scaffolding and anti tank blocks designed to impede an enemy's attempts to land forces onto open beaches. Preferred term 141830 -
Anti Glider Ditch Narrow term 68813 -
Anti Glider Obstacle Narrow term 160344 -
ANTI INVASION DEFENCE SITE Sites, buildings and structures associated with the prevention of an invasion by a hostile force. Preferred term 142867 -
ANTI LANDING CABLE A cable, usually erected between posts, used to prevent the landing or hostile aircraft. Preferred term 160412 -
ANTI LANDING OBSTACLE Obstacles placed in open spaces and alongside roads designed to prevent the successful landing of enemy airborne forces. Preferred term 160343 -
ANTI LANDING POLE A telegraph pole, tree trunk or similar erected on the side of a road, or in an open space, to prevent the landing of hostile aircraft Preferred term 160371 -

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