Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
AIRSHIP STATION A site, including hangars, moorings and ancillary buildings, used for the storage, maintenance, take off and landing of airships. Preferred term 83578 -
AISLE The side compartment of a building, usually a church, hall or barn, separated from the main body of the building by an arcade; or a passage allowing access to rows of seats in an auditorium or church. Preferred term 137263 -
AISLE PLATE A horizontal member along the length of an aisle wall to receive the ends of rafters. Preferred term 137264 -
AISLE TRUSS A roof truss supported by arcade posts in an aisled building. Preferred term 137265 -
AISLED BARN A barn in which a central space is separated from side aisles by posts and braces. Preferred term 71767 -
AISLED BUILDING A building with an aisle along one or both sides. Usually a row of posts separates the main space from the aisle. Preferred term 100228 -
AISLED HALL HOUSE A house with an open hall whose main span is separated by an arcade from the side aisles. Preferred term 94115 -
AISLED HOUSE Use where the intervening arcade is closed but timber-framed. Preferred term 91023 -
Alabaster Mine Narrow term 121264 -
Alan Williams Turret Narrow term 140534 -
Alatoria Narrow term 137266 -
Alatorium Narrow term 137267 -
ALCOHOLIC DRINK Drinks containing alcohol, an intoxicating substance found in fermented or distilled liquids. Preferred term 78888 -
Alcoholic Ladies Home A historic term for an institution offering care and accommodation for alcoholic women, an alternative to the workhouse for the destitute. Narrow term 91024 -
ALCOVE A recess within a wall or room. Preferred term 137268 -
Ale House Narrow term 71710 -
ALE STORE A building or area within a brewery where barrels of ale are stored. Preferred term 91025 -
ALEMBIC A type of retort used for distillation. Preferred term 96816 -
Aleois Narrow term 137269 -
Alhambra Narrow term 91026 -
ALIDADE A scale or index of a sextant, astrolabe or similar instrument. Preferred term 95303 -
ALIEN CELL A residence of two or three monks dependent on a foreign mother house sent to exploit a distant estate. Alien houses were officially suppressed in 1414. Preferred term 70488 -
Alien Grange Narrow term 70489 -
ALIEN PRIORY A priory dependent on a foreign mother house. Use with narrow terms of DOUBLE HOUSE, MONASTERY or NUNNERY. Preferred term 70490 -
Alien Priory Cell Narrow term 70491 -
ALKALI WORKS A building or site used to produce alkaline chemicals by controlled reactions. Preferred term 91027 -
ALL WEATHER PITCH A sports pitch usually with a synthetic surface (ie. not grass). Preferred term 91028 -
ALLAN WILLIAMS TURRET A rotating, domed, steel turret set over a circular pit used as a gun emplacement. Preferred term 140533 -
ALLEE A walk bordered by trees or clipped hedges in a garden or park. Made of gravel, sand or turf, it is different from a path or avenue. Preferred term 84111 -
Allen Williams Turret Narrow term 140535 -

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