Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
Alum Mine Narrow term 70497 -
ALUM QUARRY A site where alum (hydrous sulphate or salt and alumina) is quarried. Preferred term 70498 -
ALUM WORKS A group of buildings or works where the evaporation and crystallization of sodium aluminium sulphate solution is performed. Preferred term 69102 -
ALUMINA Aluminium oxide. Preferred term 83336 -
ALUMINIUM A light, ductile metal, used in the manufacture of aircraft etc. Preferred term 84505 -
ALUMINIUM SMELTER A factory producing metallic aluminium by an electrolysis process. Preferred term 91031 -
ALUMINIUM WORKS Works for the extrusion of aluminium and for creating aluminium products. Preferred term 143957 -
Alura Narrow term 137276 -
ALURE A walkway around the parapets of a castle or the roof of a church. Preferred term 137277 -
AMALGAMATION PLANT An ore works at which gold was separated from the ore by the addition of mercury. Preferred term 143952 -
AMBITUS The consecrated ground immediately surrounding a tomb or grave. Preferred term 137278 -
AMBO A reading desk usually placed near the west end of the choir. Preferred term 137279 -
Ambry Narrow term 139620 -
AMBULANCE GARAGE A place where ambulances are serviced and maintained. Preferred term 91032 -
AMBULANCE PARK A site, usually including hardstandings and associated buildings, where ambulances can be parked and stored. Preferred term 167069 -
AMBULANCE STATION A building where ambulances are housed awaiting emergency calls. Preferred term 68710 -
AMBULATORY (EXTERNAL) A path or area for exercise, usually taken in the form of walking. Can be partially or totally covered. Preferred term 137280 -
AMBULATORY (INTERIOR) An aisle within a chancel providing access to, and around, the High Altar and surrounding cells. Preferred term 137281 -
AMERICAN GARDEN A concept dating in England from the second half of the 18th century, when hardy North American plants were relatively easy to obtain. Preferred term 91033 -
AMMONAL WORKS A works engaged principally in the manufacture of ammonal explosives. Preferred term 99571 -
AMMONIUM NITRATE A fertilizer derived from nitrogen; also known as nitrate of ammonia. Preferred term 144571 -
AMMONIUM NITRATE WORKS A chemical works engaged in the production of Ammonium Nitrate, used as a fertilizer or for use in the explosives industry. Preferred term 99567 -
AMMONIUM PERCHLORATE WORKS A chemical works engaged in the production of Ammonium Perchlorate, a product used in the explosives industry. Preferred term 99568 -
AMMUNITION Articles used in charging guns and ordnance. Preferred term 97098 -
AMMUNITION Military provisions, traditionally of all types but now used specifically for projectiles and propellants such eg. bullets and gunpowder. Preferred term 78889 -
AMMUNITION BARGE Shallow draft vessel used to carry ammunition. Preferred term - -
AMMUNITION DEPOT A site, including buildings and hardstandings, used for the storage and distribution of ammunition. Preferred term 167071 -
AMMUNITION DUMP An installation used for the storage of ammunition. Preferred term 127353 -
AMMUNITION POUCH A container used to hold ammunition. Preferred term 95153 -
AMMUNITION STAND An area of hardstanding on which ammunition is stored. Preferred term 127354 -

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