Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
ALLEY A passageway or lane between buildings. Preferred term 70265 -
ALLOTMENT A share or portion of land, allotted to a person, often used for growing, vegetables, fruit, etc. Preferred term 68611 -
ALLOTMENT SHED A slight structure built on an allotment for shelter or storage, or for use as a workshop, by the allotment holder. Preferred term 142038 -
Allure Narrow term 137270 -
Almery Narrow term 139619 -
Almonds Narrow term 83111 -
ALMONRY A room in a monastery from which alms were distributed; or the residence of an almoner. Preferred term 137271 -
ALMONRY A building adjacent to a monastery where alms were distributed to the poor. Preferred term 68708 -
ALMS TABLE Place where food or money was handed out to the poor. Preferred term 94009 -
ALMSHOUSE A house devoted to the shelter of the poor and endowed by a benefactor for this use. Preferred term 68709 -
Almshouse Chapel Use both terms. Narrow term 71650 -
Alorium Narrow term 137272 -
Alpaca Factory Narrow term 91029 -
ALPACA MILL A mill where long-staple hair, often from llamas, is made into yarn. Preferred term 91030 -
ALPINE GARDEN A garden which consists of rocks and rock-loving plants that require little water. Preferred term 78871 -
ALTAR A structure consecrated for devotional purposes. Preferred term 95836 -
ALTAR An elevated table or podium on which to place, or sacrifice, offerings to a god or gods. Preferred term 137273 -
ALTAR An elevated table or podium on which to place or sacrifice offerings to the deities. Preferred term 69960 -
Altar Base Narrow term - -
ALTAR CROSS A cross designed to be placed upon an altar. Preferred term 95839 -
ALTAR RAIL A rail or balustrade that separates the altar from the rest of the church. Preferred term 137274 -
ALTAR SCREEN A partition or wall behind an altar, often separating the choir and altar from the ambulatory and east chapel. Preferred term 137275 -
ALTAR TOMB A tomb or memorial, resembling an altar, often with a recumbent effigy on top. Preferred term 69961 -
ALTAR VASE A vase used on the altar. Preferred term 95840 -
ALTAR VESSEL A container used upon the altar. Preferred term 96818 -
ALTARPIECE A decorative piece connected to the altar. Preferred term 97485 -
ALTIMETER An instrument for measuring height above sea level. Preferred term 95304 -
ALUDEL An object used in the sublimation process. It is pear shaped with both ends open. Preferred term 97324 -
ALUM A sulphate of aluminium and potassium used in the dyeing process as a mordant to increase the intake of dye into a cloth. Preferred term 83916 -
ALUM HOUSE A building used for the crystallization process in alum making. Preferred term 70496 -

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