Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
ANDERSON SHELTER An air raid shelter, designed to be placed in the garden. Made from prefabricated components, they were often semi-sunken and the structure then covered with soil for added protection. Preferred term 104015 -
ANGLE BAR The corner upright bar of a polygonal sash. Preferred term 137289 -
Angle Bead Narrow term 137290 -
ANGLE BOB A mechanical component or device that can change the direction of motion of a pump rod from the vertical to the horizontal plane and vice versa. Preferred term 140399 -
Angle Brace Narrow term 137291 -
Angle Bracket Narrow term - -
ANGLE BRACKET A bracket that is shaped to form an angle. Preferred term 137292 -
ANGLE BUTTRESS Two buttresses which meet at a right angle at the corner of the structure they are supporting. Preferred term 137293 -
ANGLE CAPITAL A capital at the corner of a colonade or portico in the Ionic Order in which the volutes are splayed outwards at 45 degrees. Preferred term 137294 -
ANGLE CHIMNEY A chimney placed at an angle with the walls so that there is an obtuse angle with each wall. Preferred term 137295 -
ANGLE COLUMN A column at the corner of a structure. Preferred term 137296 -
ANGLE MODILLION A diagonally set modillion placed at a cornice's external corner. Preferred term 137297 -
ANGLE RAFTER A principal rafter below a hip rafter that supports the ends of purlins under a hip. Preferred term 137298 -
ANGLE RIB A rib placed at an angle to support timbers. Preferred term 137299 -
ANGLE STAFF A vertical piece of wood fixed on corners of walls to help the fixing of plaster and to protect against damage to the plaster. Preferred term 137300 -
Angle Stone Narrow term 137301 -
ANGLE STRUT A strut which is at an angle between the principal rafter and tiebeam. Preferred term 137302 -
ANGLE TIE A bar fixed across a frame at an angle to stiffen it. Preferred term 96232 -
ANGLE TOWER A projection from the inner angle of a building around a court or with advancing wings, usually containing a staircase and often crowned above the roof line with an ogee dome. Preferred term 137303 -
ANGLE TOWER A fortified tower found at the angle of a castle wall. Preferred term 68812 -
ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL The principal Anglican church in a diocese in which the cathedra or bishop's throne is to be found. Preferred term 91036 -
ANGLICAN CHAPEL A chapel where the followers of the Anglican tradition worship. Preferred term 169963 -
ANGLICAN CHURCH Any church of the Anglican Communion. Preferred term 71602 -
Anglican College Narrow term 91037 -
ANGLICAN MONASTERY A place of residence and worship for Anglican monks. Preferred term 94388 -
ANGLICAN NUNNERY A place of worship and residence for Anglican nuns. Preferred term 91038 -
Anglican School Narrow term 91039 -
ANGON A long spear with a double barb where one barb is longer than the other. Preferred term 97102 -
ANGULAR CAPITAL A type of Ionic diagonal capital where all four sides are the same and with therefore eight volutes. Preferred term 137304 -
Angular Column Narrow term 137305 -

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