Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
ANIMAL SHED A building in which animals are housed. For non agricultural use see ANIMAL HOUSE and narrow terms in RECREATIONAL class. Preferred term 71423 -
ANIMAL SHOE A shoe fixed to an animal, either permanently or temporarily, to protect the hoof and provide improved grip. Preferred term 97695 -
Animal Skeleton Narrow term - -
ANIMAL SKINS The hides of animals, either untreated or tanned. Preferred term 109293 -
Animal Skull Narrow term - -
ANIMAL STALL A stall where animals are kept individually. Preferred term 91044 -
ANIMAL TOMB A burial site for an animal, usually commemorated by a gravestone or other structure. Preferred term 91045 -
Animal Tooth Narrow term - -
ANIMAL WASH A place or building where animals can be washed. Often in the form of a pool with a walled funnel-like structure enabling animals to be guided into the pool. Preferred term 91046 -
ANIMAL WELFARE SITE A building, range of buildings or site, for the accommodation, rearing and/or treatment of animals, birds and fish, both wild and domestic. Preferred term 91047 -
ANIMALS Use for cargoes of live animals only. Preferred term 78892 -
ANIMALS AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS Animals and products made from the carcasses and hides of dead animals. Preferred term 78893 -
Ankle Guard Narrow term - -
ANKLET An ornamental chain, worn around the ankle. Preferred term 96650 -
ANNEALING FURNACE For reheating of worked metal or glass to make it malleable or to harden it after use for toolmaking, etc. Preferred term 69176 -
Annealing Oven Narrow term 91048 -
ANNEX A structure, or building, forming a supplementary and subsidiary part of a main complex. Preferred term 137307 -
ANNEXE ENCLOSURE A subsidiary enclosure externally attached to an enclosure of known or unknown date and function. The annexe is generally smaller than, and secondary to, the main enclosure. Use more specific site type where known. Do not use for Roman military sites. Preferred term 94023 -
Annuellars Hall Narrow term 91049 -
ANNULAR BROOCH A ring shaped brooch. Preferred term 97114 -
Annular Enclosure Narrow term 70511 -
ANNULAR MOULDING A circular moulding. Preferred term 137308 -
ANNULAR VAULT A term used to describe a vaulted roof where the vault goes from either the newel of a staircase to a wall or from one wall to another where the walls are circular in plan. Preferred term 137309 -
ANNULATED COLUMN A column joined to another by a band or ring. Preferred term 137310 -
ANNULET A small, flat band or fillet around a shaft or column. Preferred term 137311 -
ANODIZING WORKS A processed used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The part being treated forms the anode of an electrolytic cell. Preferred term 164196 -
Anse De Panier Narrow term 137312 -
ANTA A pilaster terminating the side walls of a temple whose capital and base differ from those of its associated columns. Such an arrangement, where the columns do not project beyond the faces of the antae, is said to be 'in antis'. Preferred term 137313 -
Antechamber Narrow term 137314 -
ANTECHAPEL The partially enclosed western part of a chapel, leading to the chapel proper. Preferred term 137315 -

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