Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
AIRCRAFT OBSTRUCTION Shallow ditches and/or poles erected across open land to obstruct the landing of enemy aircraft and gliders. Preferred term 78227 -
AIRCRAFT PICKETING POINT A device on an airfield for securing aircrafts when parked outside in order to prevent major movement due to the weather or other conditions. Preferred term 140466 -
Aircraft Shed Early name for aircraft hangar (ca. up until 1940), when the term hangar was only used for a tent construction. Narrow term 140183 -
Aircraft Shed (Type D) Narrow term 140393 -
Aircraft Shed (Type J) Narrow term 140206 -
Aircraft Shed (Type L) Narrow term 140211 -
AIRCRAFT STORAGE FACILITY A building or site where aircraft can be stored and maintained. Preferred term 140376 -
Aircraft Storage Shed (Type E) Narrow term 140392 -
Aircraft Storage Shed (Type K) Narrow term 160323 -
Aircraft Storage Shed (Type L) Narrow term 160324 -
AIRCRAFT TESTING SITE A site used for the functional testing of aircraft and their components. Preferred term 144601 -
Aircraft Tie Down Point Narrow term 140467 -
Aircraft Works Narrow term 70487 -
AIRFIELD An area or site used for the landing and take-off of aircraft, often including associated buildings, equipment and other installations. Preferred term 70209 -
AIRFIELD BUILDING Non-specific building type associated with an airfield. Preferred term 143376 -
AIRFIELD CODE LETTERS Large concrete letters representing the ground-to-air airfield code. It has been used to show pilots in WWII the name of the airfield they were above e.g. DW for Dunkeswell. Preferred term 140274 -
AIRFIELD DEFENCE SITE A site or building associated with active or passive defence of the landing ground and buildings of an airfield. Preferred term 140501 -
AIRFIELD SLEEPING SHELTER Shelter on military airfield to provide night time accommodation for airmen during WWII. Preferred term 139357 -
Airing Yard Narrow term 137262 -
Airing Yard Narrow term 91018 -
Airmens Graveyard Narrow term 91019 -
AIRMENS INSTITUTE An building, often including recreational facilities, provided for the relaxation of serving Royal Air Force Personnel. Preferred term 145088 -
AIRMENS QUARTERS A building where non-commissioned aircrew are housed. Preferred term 162556 -
AIRPORT A site, including an airfield and customs house, where air passengers embark and disembark. Preferred term 70210 -
Airport Control Tower Narrow term 91020 -
Airport Terminal Narrow term 162712 -
Airport Test House Narrow term 91021 -
AIRSHIP CONSTRUCTION WORKS Construction works for the production of rigid or dirigible airships. Preferred term 143475 -
AIRSHIP HANGAR A hangar for the storage and maintenance of dirigible motor-driven balloons. Preferred term 70213 -
AIRSHIP MOORING MAST A large metal pylon structure used to tether airships. Preferred term 91022 -

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