Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS LANTERN A specialized lantern, with a reduced glare, for use in air raids. Preferred term 160218 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS OBSERVATION POST An observation post used by Air Raid Precautions wardens to watch for aircraft and bomb strikes. Preferred term 160219 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS REPORT CENTRE A centre used by the Air Raid Precautions network to co-ordinate reports of air raids in an area. Preferred term 160220 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS SIGN A sign used by the Air Raid Precautions network to assist in identifying vital equipment and resources in the event of an air raid or to aid movement during blackouts. Preferred term 160221 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS SIGNAL BOX A brick built railway signal box, usually with a reinforced correct roof, designed to minimize the effects of blast damage from aerial bombardment and thus protect the signalling equipment. Preferred term 160222 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS SITE A site used by the Air Raid Precautions network. Use more specific term. Preferred term 143429 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS STORE A building used for the storage and distribution of civilian respirators and Air Raid Precautions equipment. Preferred term 160223 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS TRAINING CENTRE A centre used to train Air Raid Precautions wardens. Preferred term 160224 -
AIR RAID SHELTER A fortified structure used to protect civilians and military personnel from enemy bombing. Preferred term 68810 -
Air Raid Siren Narrow term 97275 -
AIR RAID WARDENS POST A purpose-built or adapted structure intended as a headquarters for an air raid precautions warden. Preferred term 94366 -
AIR RAID WARNING SIREN A siren used to warn of an impending attack by enemy aircraft. Preferred term 160225 -
AIR SEA RESCUE STATION A site or building used to co-ordinate Air-Sea Rescue operations. Preferred term 160498 -
Air Shaft Narrow term 137261 -
Air Shaft Narrow term 70307 -
Air Shaft Tower Narrow term 91011 -
AIR TERMINAL A building at an airport from where passengers embark and disembark from an aircraft. Preferred term 70207 -
Air Traffic Control College Narrow term 140395 -
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SCHOOL A special school to train personnel for employment in Air Traffic Control and operation duties. Preferred term 140394 -
Air Traffic Control Tower Narrow term 91012 -
AIR TRAINING CORPS HEADQUARTERS A building used for the daily administration of that branch of the RAF dealing with training pilots. Preferred term 160500 -
AIR TRANSPORT SITE Buildings, sites and structures associated with the control, accommodation, service and testing of aircraft. Preferred term 91013 -
Air Vent House Narrow term 91014 -
AIRCRAFT An aircraft, either whole or in part. Aircraft often survive as commemorative monuments, gate guardians or crash sites. Preferred term 70208 -
AIRCRAFT Aircraft as cargo carried whole or crated ready for assembly on arrival at the destination port. Do not use where the vessel is an aircraft carrier and the aircraft is carried as part of the vessel's armament. Preferred term 152636 -
Aircraft Assembly Plant Narrow term 91015 -
AIRCRAFT CARRIER A major warship equipped with a clear flat deck to provide a landing and taking off place for aircraft. Preferred term - -
AIRCRAFT CATAPULT VESSEL A vessel fitted with a catapult for launching an aircraft. Preferred term - -
AIRCRAFT COMPASS PLATFORM A circular concrete platform onto which aircraft would be taxied allowing the ground crew to calibrate, check and adjust the accuracy of the aircrafts compass, usually by rotating the platform. Preferred term 162553 -
AIRCRAFT COMPONENT Any part of an aircraft. Use more specific term where known. Preferred term 160139 -

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