Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
Abbey Church Use both terms. Narrow term 90977 -
Abbey Gate Use both terms. Narrow term 90978 -
Abbey Gatehouse Use both terms. Narrow term 90979 -
Abbey Kitchen Use both terms. Narrow term 90980 -
Abbey Wall Narrow term 90981 -
Abbots House Narrow term 68931 -
Abbots Lodging Narrow term 70477 -
ABBOTS PALACE The official residence of an abbot. Preferred term 141442 -
ABBOTS SUMMER PALACE An official residence of an abbot during the summer months. Preferred term 90982 -
ABLUTIONS BLOCK A building housing washing facilities and toilets. The term occurs mainly in a military context. Preferred term 140311 -
ABRASIVES MANUFACTURING SITE A place where abrasive mediums such as sand-paper and grinding wheels are manufactured. Preferred term 90983 -
ABUTMENT Solid masonry placed to counteract the lateral thrust of a vault or arch. Preferred term 137245 -
Academy Narrow term 70478 -
Academy Of Art Narrow term 90984 -
Academy Of Music Narrow term 90985 -
ACADEMY SCHOOL A school that is directly funded by central government (specifically, the Department for Education) and independent of direct control by local government in England. Preferred term 163242 -
ACANTHUS A long much indented leaf usually curled over at the tip which is a standard form of foliage in classical decoration. Preferred term 137246 -
ACCESS BARRIER Purpose-built structure, other than a bollard, to prevent vehicle or pedestrian access to a road or site, for example concrete blocks to obstruct vehicles accessing beaches on the north-east coast for illegal sea-coaling. Preferred term 142040 -
ACCIDENT HOSPITAL A hospital which primarily cares for patients injured in accidents. Preferred term 90986 -
ACCOMMODATION BRIDGE A bridge, often over a canal or road, allowing access between two parcels of land. Preferred term 90987 -
ACCOMMODATION HUT A hut used for the accommodation of members of the armed forces. Preferred term 162552 -
ACCUMULATOR HOUSE A building used for the collection and storage of electricity using large lead-acid batteries (accumulators). Preferred term 90988 -
Accumulator Tower Narrow term 69351 -
ACETATE FACTORY A factory used for the production of acetate. Preferred term 141986 -
Acetate Of Lime Works Narrow term 99589 -
ACETONE FACTORY A factory or group of buildings engaged in the manufacture of acetone. A variety of processes may be used to manufacture acetone including the use of destructive distallation of wood and fermentation technology. Preferred term 107813 -
Acetone Works Narrow term 99590 -
ACHIEVEMENT OF ARMS A display or depiction of authorised armorial bearings, such as the elements of a coat of arms, livery and personal badges and flags, mottoes etc.. Preferred term 137249 -
ACID Corrosive chemical compounds, usually liquids, which are neutralized by alkalis. Preferred term 83917 -
Acid Factory Narrow term 164181 -

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