Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
Aggregate Settlement Narrow term 99966 -
AGGREGATE VILLAGE A settlement whose plan suggests the aggregation of several formerly distinct settlement nuclei into a single settlement. Preferred term 69002 -
AGIASTERIUM The area of the Basilica, especially in the early church, in which the altar resides. Preferred term 137255 -
AGRAFE A keystone decorated with a relief sculpture, usually a cartouche Preferred term 137256 -
Agraffe Narrow term 137257 -
AGRICULTURAL BUILDING A building used for an agricultural and/or subsistence purpose. Use more specific type where known. Preferred term 68544 -
AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL SITE Buildings, structures or sites used for the production of chemicals used in agriculture, such as fertilizers and weed killers. Preferred term 91002 -
AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE An educational establishment where agricultural theory and practice is taught. Preferred term 71630 -
AGRICULTURAL DWELLING Buildings and structures inhabited by agricultural workers. Preferred term 103673 -
AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING WORKS Small engineering works specialising in the production of items such as ploughs and threshing machinery. Preferred term 91003 -
AGRICULTURAL HALL A hall used for the promotion and selling of agricultural produce and practice. Preferred term 91004 -
AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Tools and equipment used for agricultural purposes. Preferred term 84316 -
AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY DEPOT A site for the sale or hire of agricultural machinery. Preferred term 91005 -
AGRICULTURAL MERCHANTS The premises of an agricultural merchant where agricultural equipment, animal feed and fertilizers can be bought. Preferred term 91006 -
Agricultural Research Station Narrow term 91007 -
AGRICULTURAL TOOL WORKS A small works used for the production of agricultural tools such as hay rakes. Preferred term 167061 -
Agricultural Workers Cottage Narrow term 91008 -
AGRICULTURE AND SUBSISTENCE Objects associated with cultivation, the rearing of livestock, gathering, hunting, fishing, horticulture and the primary processing of foodstuffs. Preferred term 95055 -
AGRICULTURE AND SUBSISTENCE Sites, buildings, structures, features and areas of land associated with cultivation, the rearing of livestock, gathering, hunting & fishing. Includes farm based processing of foodstuffs & storage of agricultural produce. Preferred term 68543 -
Aid Post Narrow term 94375 -
AILERON A half gable or half pediment concealing the lean-to roof of an aisle. Preferred term 137259 -
AIR DEFENCE SITE A site equipped for passive or active defence against an airborne enemy assault. Preferred term 143456 -
Air Force Barracks Narrow term 91009 -
Air Force Base Narrow term 91010 -
AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS A building used for the daily administration of the Royal Air Force. Preferred term 160346 -
Air Gunnery And Bombing Range Narrow term 94120 -
Air Mill Narrow term 70486 -
AIR PUMP A pump for removing condensed steam from the condenser of a steam raising plant. Preferred term 137260 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS CENTRE A building used as a control centre for the Air Raid Precautions network, responsible for issuing air raid warnings and coordinating fire and rescue services. Preferred term 160217 -
AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS HEADQUARTERS A building used in the Second World War to co-ordinate action against enemy air raids. Preferred term 143366 -

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