Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
ACID TOWER A coke-filled tower used for the dissolving and neutralising of acid produced by alkali-making processes. Preferred term 90989 -
ACID WORKS A building or site used for the production of acids by a range of chemical processes. Preferred term 90990 -
Acoustic Detection Post Narrow term 68809 -
Acoustic Mirror Narrow term 90991 -
Acoustic Wall Narrow term 90992 -
ACROTERION A plinth or pedestal, sometimes decorated, and sometimes supporting statuary, placed at the apex and lower extremity of a pediment. Preferred term 138832 -
ACTIVE AIR DEFENCE SITE A site equipped for active defensive action against an airborne enemy assault. Preferred term 143457 -
ACTIVITY CENTRE Site or building constructed or adapted for indoor and/or outdoor leisure and sport activities, for example archery, team-building and "outward-bound" activities based on military training. Preferred term 143374 -
ADIT A passage, usually horizontal, leading into a mine to allow for access or drainage. Preferred term 137250 -
ADIT Horizontal tunnel opening from the surface used for haulage or access to a mine. It can also be used for drainage. Preferred term 69048 -
Adit Entrance Narrow term 162713 -
Adit Portal Use both terms. Narrow term 90993 -
ADMINISTRATION BLOCK A part of a building or complex where administrative duties are undertaken. Preferred term 141270 -
Administration Block Narrow term 71542 -
Administrative Office Narrow term 162714 -
Admiralty Narrow term 90994 -
Admiralty Collier Use both terms. Narrow term - -
Admiralty Drifter Use both terms. Narrow term - -
Admiralty Lighter Use both terms. Narrow term - -
Admiralty Netlayer Use both terms. Narrow term - -
Admiralty Oiler Use both terms. Narrow term - -
ADMIRALTY SIGNAL ESTABLISHMENT A building or site conducting research into communication techniques for use in the Royal Navy. Preferred term 160499 -
ADMIRALTY SIGNAL STATION A building or site used for naval communications. Preferred term 152606 -
Admiralty Trawler Use both terms. Narrow term - -
Admiralty Tug Use both terms. Narrow term - -
ADMIRALTY VESSEL Any vessel which has been hired or impressed for use by the Admiralty. Preferred term - -
Admiralty Whaler Use both terms. Narrow term - -
ADMISSION HOSPITAL A separate hospital building, or block of an asylum, where new arrivals were segregated from old inmates for a defined period. This system was developed from the mid-19th century onwards. Preferred term 90995 -
ADULTERINE CASTLE A castle erected without permission, ie. without a royal licence to crenellate. Preferred term 68834 -
ADVANCED LANDING GROUND A temporary airfield in use during the build-up to D-Day. They consisted of a natural earth or grass surface reinforced with wire mesh. Preferred term 94039 -

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