Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - FISH).

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI Other URI
ADVICE BOAT A small, fast boat used for carrying orders between sailing vessels. Preferred term - -
Adyton Narrow term 137251 -
ADYTUM Originally, the inner sanctuary of a Greek temple from where the oracle was delivered. Now used for any private chamber or sanctuary. Preferred term 137252 -
ADZE A cutting tool where the plane of the blade is at right angles to the shaft. Preferred term 96909 5104
ADZE HAMMER A shaft hole adze with additional hammer knob, normally polished stone. Preferred term 96910 -
AEDICULE (FRAME) The framing of a door or window with two columns piers or pilasters which support a lintel,entablature etc. Preferred term 137254 -
AEDICULE (SHRINE) An opening or shrine, usually containing a statue, framed by a pair of pilasters or columns supporting an entablature and pediment. Preferred term 137253 -
AERIAL LIFT A means of transportation where cars, chairs or cabins are carried above the ground by means of one or more cables suspended between towers or pylons. Preferred term 159257 -
AERIAL ROPEWAY A system of overhead cables from which cars or containers are suspended (usually driven electrically). Preferred term 70205 -
Aerial Tramway Narrow term 159260 -
Aero Club Narrow term 140377 -
Aerodrome Narrow term 70480 -
AEROPLANE REPAIR SECTION SHED A shed used for the maintenance and repair of aircraft. Preferred term 160497 -
Aeroplane Shed Early name for aircraft hangar (up until around 1940), when the term hangar was only used for a tent construction. Narrow term 140182 -
Aeroplane Shed (Type A) Narrow term 140181 -
Aeroplane Shed (Type B) Narrow term 160325 -
Aeroplane Shed (Type C) Narrow term 140106 -
Aeroplane Shed (Type J) Narrow term 140205 -
AEROPLANE TWIN SHED A coupled timber built end-opening First World War aircraft hangar. Preferred term 146350 -
AEROSPACE ENGINEERING WORKS A site specializing in the manufacture of parts for the Aerospace industry. Preferred term 164188 -
AESTEL An object to point at words whilst reading, eg the Alfred jewel. Preferred term 97285 -
AGAPEMONE Religious establishment, founded in Somerset, where free love was practised. Preferred term 90997 -
AGED MENS WARD Series of rooms within a workhouse where elderly men were housed. Preferred term 140454 -
Aged Miners Home Narrow term 90998 -
Aged Persons Home Narrow term 90999 -
Aged Pilgrims Home Narrow term 91000 -
Aged Womens Asylum A historic term for an institution caring for older, destitute women. Narrow term 91001 -
Agger Narrow term 70481 -
AGGREGATE Material consisting of fragments of stone, sand, gravel, slag etc. used in the manufacture of concrete. Preferred term 78885 -
AGGREGATE FIELD SYSTEM A field system which appears to have developed in an organic, or piecemeal, fashion over time. Preferred term 68634 -

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